I was on my period during the cook marathon challenge: Hilda confirmed

Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci has revealed the challenges she went through during her journey to cooking for 100 hours in hopes to break and set a new Guinness world record.

In a recent interview on TV3, Hilda Baci disclosed that she was in her menstrual cycle and was dealing with cramps during the cooking challenge, but she had to take showers and maintain personal hygiene during her breaks.

‘I was on my period the entire time and I think that sort of made it extra hard, what that meant was it took away from the time I had to rest’.

“Now I was trying to wrap up because I get 5 minutes after completing every one hour so if I stand for 12 hours I get 1 hour to rest and I still have to do all my medical checks and because I was on my period I had to take showers every break. Even if I had 30 minutes I had to take a shower that time because I needed to change,” she said.

She added that her biological father was worried about her situation but she still geared up. According to Baci, being able to overcome the physical challenge enabled her to believe that she can triumph over every challenge that comes her way.

“My dad was worried because I had horrible cramps so just pushing through that I was like if I’ve conquered this I can conquer anything,” she stated.

CC: Ameya Debbrah

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